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Nannup Music in the Vineyard 2016

Nannup Real Estate is proud to have sponsored Music in the Vineyard 2016, which was organised by the Friends of the Darradup Community to raise money in support of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades in the Shire of Nannup. Participating brigades were able to keep 50% of the value of any tickets they sold to help fund their activities. (The other 50% went toward putting the concert on!)


As the major sponsor we provided funds to help pay the musicians and hire equipment. We also provided printing and stationery as well as office support. In return we got our logo on the marketing materials, had our banner out the front and got some free tickets to the concert 🙂

The Darradup volunteers are an amazing lot of people. Jalbarragup locals Bob and Joy Berryman opened up their home as a concert venue. It’s a perfect spot with the vines stretching down to the paddock from the house, then there’s a ridge where the food stalls and services were set up, there’s a gentle slope down to the riverbank for concert goers to set up their picnics, then there’s a nice level bit for the stage with the riverbank and the tall eucalypts as a backdrop.

Nannup Real Estate maintained a presence with staff member Evelyn running the Nannup Country Kitchen stall with husband John (Darradup Fire Control Officer) while client manager Nancy (Darradup Logistics Officer) was event photographer. Chris got to draw the raffle, whose proceeds went towards buying a new drum kit for Howie, the drummer from headline act the Carus Thompson Trio, who lost everything he owned in the Yarloop fire.


The show was opened by festival regular Dave Hyams with Rose Parker and Nannup’s own Felicity Dear. As they played, the twilight faded to darkness and the glittering expanse of the Milky Way shone clear overhead.

Simone_and_Girlfunkle_MitV_2016_004a_1200            Dancers_Simone_and_Girlfunkle_MitV_2016_003a_1200

Fun and funky folk fusion ensemble Simone and Girlfunkle entertained the crowd with their harmonies, and people got up to dance.

Carus_Thompson_Trio_MitV_2016_008a_1200            Dancers_Carus_Thompson_Trio_MitV_2016_001a_1200

Headline act the Carus Thompson Trio was energetic and boisterous, and even more people got up to dance!

It actually got a bit chilly and the dew fell leading in to 11 o’clock. The last songs were played MC Chris Rutter bade everyone farewell, and we all packed up and went home.

What an amazing event. Months and months of work go in to putting on a concert like this and it’s great that it supports our firies who keep us safe during the summer months. We’ll be back for the next one!

To see more photos from Music in the Vineyard 2016, visit our Pinterest page here.



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