Buying a South West Country Property and what to look out for….

Buying a property in the country is very different  to buying a property in Perth, a major town or a new subdivision…   A good country agent will always explain these differences to you but just in case here are some pointers.

Whether you a buying a lifestyle property, a farm, a small weekender, home on a five acre block or just a bush block to camp out on, things are very different.

One of the most common problems for buyers who haven’t lived outside of cities or suburbs is that they don’t realize that out in the country you need to provide for yourself.

You are fine if you live within the town site but once to step out you need to provide your own water through rain water tanks and your own septic tanks as there is no main sewers.

So here is a useful list of things to look out for and items you need to include when your working out your spend.

  • Allow enough money to purchase a water tank, prepare a pad for it and to buy a pump and to plumb the whole thing to the house.
  • Check if there is power on the block and if there is, the expense of bringing it up to the point where you want to build your home.   If there is no power on the block or close by it would be worth checking out the latest solar gear… it could well save you some money in the long run 🙂
  • If the property is on the side of a hill consider building on stumps this method of building is much less invasive then cutting in to put down a pad and causing drainage problems and that is why there are so many houses on stumps in the country.
  • Buying a river front property, especially one that is zoned rural and not part of a subdivision, can have a flood risk.  All you need to do is to ring the Waters & Rivers Commission and they will provide you with a contour where the last major flood came too.  Then armed with a contour aerial which you can get from your agent check where the last major flood reached on the property you are interested in.
  • Fencing is another issue if you want to keep animals.  Fencing around a paddock is not cheap.   The original fencing may be old and need mending or replacing and you have to ask yourself whether you can you live with this older fencing or are you going to get some prices to replace it.
  • Where to build your home on a 100 acre block?  Well, normally anywhere as long it is 20 metres from any boundary… this might change from shire to shire but one the whole there are no building envelopes as such.
  • If you are buying a bush property, or one that has bush on it or on the boundary then you may need a BAL (bushfire attack level) Rating.  This applies to all land whether residential, special rural or rural.  If there is bush anywhere close to the property a BAL rating applies.




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