Market on the move!

 The Nannup property market is on the up – here are a few reasons why.

Nannup had a fantastic Flower & Garden Festival and the town still looks stunning with the colour of beautiful tulips everywhere… giving us a little relief from the wintery dark skies we have been experiencing over the last two or three months.

Also, Nannup seems to be growing in vibrancy daily.  There is a buzz in the streets and throughout the shops and you can just sense this great atmosphere all around you.

There are several reasons for this happening.

Firstly, the opening of the bitumen road all the way to Margaret River, now a mere 35mins drive along the Mowen Road.  This means a steady stream of tourists wending their way through Nannup to hit the rest of the South West around and this has been the case since the road was opened in early 2014.

Secondly, the influx of young families into the town who have a vibrancy all of their own.  Many of the new mums and dads were country kids themselves brought up in the wheatbelt and other country regions now wanting the same freedom for their own children.  Others coming from the city suburbs just want a feeling of security knowing that their children will grow up in safety with a strong sense of community.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most telling of all, is the amount of shops in the town which are newly opening and/or being spruced up and making the main street look brighter and more lively.  There are also a couple of new shops around our triangular shaped green in the centre of our tourist area.  Another indicator, is buyer interest in main street properties for business purposes.  The refurbishment in Nannup also includes asuperb new conference/entertainment/sports club attached to our original recreation centre which has also had a facelift.

Yes, things are definitely happening in and around Nannup.

Well, why I am telling you all this?

For a good reason.  Currently, prices in Nannup are very stable, and whilst I really enjoy sending newsletters to you all and having you on my books as potential buyers, for those who are seriously intending to purchase you probably have noticed there are many properties currently going under contract.  This means the market is on the move.

There are lessons to be learned by us all and one of them is the purchasing property just at the right time.  But what exactly is the right time?  Is it when your property is at its highest? Hardly, because then you will be buying a property at an inflationary time yourself.  Is it when your property is at its lowest?  Well, that doesn’t seem right either does it?  Even though there will be bargains to be had.  The best time and the only right time to sell and buy a property is when you are ready to move on, when it is the right time for you!  So many people have lost out holding out for the best price or not acting quickly enough on a property when it’s time to buy.

The Global Financial Crises, the losses and the difficulty of the market has affected most of us and many of us are now in a …Well, nothing much is happening mood.  This means that we are in a state of waiting and seeing and are not taking action.  Because there is so much property on the market, we might see a place that is absolutely stunning but that little voice inside us says… we had better see more just in case, and in the end we go to see too many, end up feeling confused or dissatisfied and end up missing out.

It’s probably time we put all this behind us and started getting back to where we were before the crash, even though the banks are still making it tough, we should take the time concentrate on our needs and wants.  After all, things have improved from year to year even though it be ever so slowly.  We are heading in the right direction, minding our savings, being more careful and taking a far less of a casual attitude with our spending.

Nothing has changed… we have had booms and busts for a hundred years and will probably have them for another hundred.  So just concentrate on what your needs are and once you are clear on those, ACT!

So to finish up… take the time to study the properties we have on line, choose two to three properties to come down and have a look at and if you do find something you really like… then act on it and put in an Offer or accept an Offer on your home.  Don’t spend too long thinking about it because all you will end up doing is talking yourself out of buying, selling, taking an offer or not taking one and then regretting it when prices start to rise or fall.

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