Coming Home To Nannup

Many people ask me what is Nannup like to live in but the answer lies more in what is Nannup like to come home too?  So, just coming back from the awesome beauty of the Coromandel Peninsular in New Zealand where my lucky daughter and all the grandies live, here it is…

Yes… Nannup may not be quite as spectacular as the Coromandel Peninsular and yes, our rounded hills don’t have the towering majesty of the mountains you have to snake up and down on the road to Coromandel, but the minute you hit that Jarrah and Marri forest where the trees almost meet across the road and sun filters through canopy lighting up those big grey trunks… Nannup has me in it’s spell once again.  This is not to even mention the tall grass trees, the purple hovea in early spring, orchids and the banksia all of and much more that make up our south west forests.

Coming out of this tree lined perfection you arrive at a quaint little town with one main street that has a certain vibrancy about it.  Even when it is at its sleepiest, say late on Saturday afternoon, it still has that I am going places feel about it.

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