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Market on the move!

 The Nannup property market is on the up – here are a few reasons why. Nannup had a fantastic Flower & Garden Festival and the town still looks stunning with the colour of beautiful tulips everywhere… giving us a little relief from the wintery dark skies we have been experiencing over the last two or three months. Also, Nannup seems to be growing…Continue reading

Do You Want to Stay or Go?

Do You Want to Stay or Go? You may wonder why this question is important when selling your property but it is probably the most important question you have to ask yourself. Why is that? Well if you want to sell in this buyers market you have some pretty hard decisions to make and you…Continue reading

From the Suburbs to the Paddocks

Moving from the Suburbs to the Paddocks Well, I for one made that change more than thirty years ago, in a country about as far away from Australia as you can get.  I moved from London to the back blocks of Wales into what was then known as Pembrokeshire and now is known as Dyfed….Continue reading

Why does market confidence affect us?

Market confidence Now, this is a really interesting question, and I am sure many of us have pondered on it from time to time. Then why does market confidence have such a huge effect on real estate and real estate sales? Surely, people still have to sell their properties for any amount of reasons. They…Continue reading

Do you know your listing types?

Do you know your listing types? Well, we don’t sell a property every day do we?  It’s not like the weekly or fortnightly shop, when we go to our favourite supermarket, know exactly what we want, know our aisles and can whizz round and get what we need and out again for a well-earned coffee. …Continue reading

The Market is Breaking… what happens now?

Real Estate Market Breaking Some buyers are starting to move through now even though the market is still considered flat and actual sales are still very much down. We have had several of these flourishes where we sell several properties at once and think at last this is the end of the flat market then…Continue reading

Market Update

Market update It’s just that time of year again when the old financial year goes out and the new one comes in.   It is also the time of year when the evenings are dark, we sit hugging our fires and it’s not much fun working outside unless you are lucky with a sunny day. But…Continue reading

Real Estate Marketing Mix

The Real Estate Mix… …is probably at bit like the marketing mix – it takes many different types of approaches and areas to get it right. For a healthy real estate market to exist many other aspects besides just your normal residential buying and selling come in to play. Investors are major part of the…Continue reading

Will you win selling your property in the current market?

Will you win selling your property in the current market? Well, this is a loaded question… and most of you are no doubt asking yourselves how can you possibly make a profit selling in this market. The simple answer is it is a matter of perception. If you bought your property say (let’s just look…Continue reading

The Dreaded Low-Ball

When an offer comes in lower than expected. As the market finally starts to move, it brings with it one of the more frustrating and time-consuming phenomena of a breaking market: the purchaser with a low-ball offer. Like everything, though, there’s an up side as well as a down side. First things first: what’s a…Continue reading